Win at Strategic Comms


The world has changed.

The communications tactics we’ve relied on for decades still work but must be tweaked to succeed.

Our e-book is here to demystify PR success and help you craft effective campaigns using the PESO model as your guiding principle. Here's what's inside.

  • Five Rules for Navigating the Brave New Age of PR
  • PR Worth Paying For
  • Pay-to-Play: The Rise of Social Advertising
  • Demystifying Earned Media
  • How to Set a Winning Organic Social Media Strategy
  • Is Influencer Marketing Actually Valuable? Proving the ROI
  • User-Generated Content: What It Is & How Your Brand Can Benefit
  • Owned Media 101: How to Create Content That Converts

Don’t waste your time or budget on hope-driven strategies — gain confidence in your marketing initiatives and drive results.