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Looking to better market, drive traffic and increase revenue for your franchise locations? We can help. We've compiled tips, tricks and how-tos gleaned through our experience with local and national franchises and packaged them up just for you.

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Whether you're looking for the grandest of openings or you want to super-size your existing footprint, our franchise marketing kit will hit the spot. In it, you'll get valuable tips from our seasoned franchise experts.

Should you postpone opening a store in the midst of uncertainty?

You've never been one to shrink from a challenge. And we've got three tips for success in any situation.

  1. Embrace integrated marketing.
  2. Establish tactics and content for effective local advertising.
  3. Build awareness through a local and community-based PR campaign.

What strategies can you use to replace revenue as foot traffic declines?

When the people aren't coming to you, it's time for you to go to the people. Use social media to reach your customers where they are. Just be sure to:

  • Create specific goals.
  • Define your target audiences, strategies and metrics.
  • Create a social media content calendar for franchisees.

When faced with consistently high turnover, how can you attract (and keep) great talent?

You're not only cultivating the customer experience; you are also building and maintaining a workplace culture to entice and retain high-quality talent. Easier said than done? We'll explain how to:

  • Identify your existing work culture and whether there are gaps to address.
  • Activate your employees as advocates and ambassadors.
  • Integrate traditional and new media channels for effective recruiting.

Our Franchise Clients


Satisfied clients speak volumes.

Read what our happy franchise clients have to say. Positive comment (cards) all around!

"I hired OBI to support the launch of my Coolgreens client into the Omaha market. This fell in the middle of the COVID pandemic, which was obviously less than ideal, especially for a restaurant. But with OBI's integrated approach for the grand opening, our opening results achieved our third highest ranking sales for all franchise locations. Sales have remained strong post opening, and OBI is providing ongoing marketing support.

They have exceeded my expectations, and I can't wait to see what happens with their help on additional Omaha locations."

Neil, Coolgreens Franchisor

"As the first Coolgreens franchise owner in our region we engaged OBI to assist in the introduction of this new concept to our market. OBI took the time to understand the brand through close collaboration with the corporate team.

The end result was a highly successful campaign targeting our unique market while also maintaining brand standards. We couldn't be more pleased with our choice to use OBI and have continued to work with them post opening for ongoing support."

Christine, Coolgreens Franchisee