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As you start thinking about a return to (the new) normal, you may find you need a COVID-19 pandemic plan or a coronavirus strategic communications plan — two important tools to guide return-to-work efforts.

These tools didn’t exist. (We looked.) There were no templates for professional firms and midsize businesses not engaged in retail, industrial or manufacturing activity, until now.

We created them for our advertising agency, and now we’re making them available to you. Completely free.

Look around. We have tools for business planning, communication plans and employee resources. Use one or all of the resources here to chart a safe path back to work for your business or organization.

Free Coronavirus Planning Templates for Businesses
A blinking cursor on a blank screen is the number one reason you don’t have a COVID-19 business plan yet. You don’t know where to start. These templates take care of that obstacle. Now you have everything you need to put your plan on paper and into action.

Coronavirus Business Planning Workplace Readiness and Safety Plan Outline

This is your master return-to-work planning document.

Coronavirus Communication Plan Template
This template provides the framework for you to lay out your plan easily.

Coronavirus Communication Plan Worksheet

This document will help you create a coronavirus communication plan.

Coronavirus Employee Survey QuestionsThese questions will help you better understand and respond to employees.

Coronavirus Employee Training TemplateUse this template to train employees on expectations as you return to the office.

Disclaimer: These tools are provided as informational resources. They are intended to provide general guidance and are not intended to provide medical advice or address medical concerns. Due to the dynamic nature of infectious diseases, OBI Creative cannot be held liable for the guidance or information presented here. Use these resources as a guide, reviewing them with your legal, HR and risk departments first to ensure they accurately reflect your sentiments and stances.